Diggs Groov Dog Training Toy

Puppies Actually Love This Tool That's 'Great for Crate-Training and Teething,' According to Pet Parents

Freeze it with some water or peanut butter for a cooling pupsicle
By Nina Huang
June 11, 2021 07:00 AM
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Taking care of a puppy can be like having a newborn. Be it for scratches or for snacks, puppies constantly demand attention from their humans, and training them to stay comfortable in their crates or to use a pee pad can almost become a full-time occupation. Like any job, the key to doing it well is to have the right tools - and when it comes to familiarizing puppies with their crates, Amazon reviewers trust The Groov, a training aid that's ″great for crate-training and teething″ to get the process right.

Designed to encourage licking, the Groov toy by pet product company Diggs can be attached to crates in order to keep dogs' attention. It works with most wired dog crates (including the company's Revol collapsible option), and is made with food-grade, BPA-free rubber. Pet parents even turn it into a pupsicle by freezing it with water, broth, or peanut butter for the summer, which reviewers say is something their dogs look forward to ″every single time″ and makes for a ″super helpful″ teething aid.

Buy It! Diggs The Groov Crate-Training Teething Tool in Turquoise, $31.99; amazon.com

To stick The Groov onto a crate, all you have to do is squeeze it through one of the crate's wired slots - the nonslip design of the teething tool will keep it in place both vertically or horizontally. If you want to have more face time with your dog while he's training, The Groov is easy to grab onto with its ergonomic handle. Its durable design can "handle bigger pups," according to a reviewer, and the tool's plastic cover makes bringing any frozen treats on the go mess-free.

One shopper said it was an ″excellent tool for crate-training,″ adding that it's "very well made and durable. [It] attaches securely to the crate [and] holds a good amount of treats (I usually use peanut butter mixed with shredded chicken). This has definitely helped crate-training to be successful and enjoyable for my pup!"

Since it's a training aid that keeps puppies' attention, reviewers said The Groov also makes for an "extremely useful grooming tool." "Instead of biting the brush, comb, and our hands, she is too focused on the peanut butter" attached to the tool, wrote a shopper. "[It] saved my fingers! We've used it daily for about two weeks. It seems pretty durable (have to watch for chewing), although it is a little tough to clean."

The Groov comes in three different colors, including a blush, navy, and turquoise. Order them at Amazon below.

Buy It! Diggs The Groov Crate-Training Teething Tool in Blush, $31.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Diggs The Groov Crate-Training Teething Tool in Navy, $31.99; amazon.com

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