Bentley found out his 15-year-old dog had cancer last year


Dierks Bentley is in the midst of a pet owner’s hardest moment: saying goodbye.

The country singer lost his longtime pal and loyal dog Jake, he announced Sunday on social media.

Bentley, 40, posted a black and white photo of the 15-year-old dog on July 10, along with the caption, “Rest in peace pal.”

Jake, a shepherd mix, spent the past year battling cancer. Bentley noticed the lumps on the dog’s body last year and started taking the pup to chemotherapy sessions. Unfortunately, the treatment wasn’t enough.

As a tribute to Jake, and all the love and support he has provided, Bentley wrote the song “Can’t Be Replaced” for the dog, which appears on his most recent album Black.

“For 15 years, right by my side / From a single man to three kids and a wife / Friends come and go, but when it comes to Jake / There’s just some things that can’t be replaced,” reads the final verse of the song.

While Jake may be gone from this world, it’s obvious he holds a permanent place in Bentley’s heart.