The dog, famous on the internet for his toothy grin, might be out a home IRL
Credit: Detroit Dog Rescue

Diggy’s famous, but that doesn’t make a difference to the Detroit PD.

The dog, formerly known as Sir Wiggleton, was adopted by Dan Tillery last week, and a photo of the pair with ear-to-ear grins quickly became a hit on the internet when shared by the Detroit Dog Rescue.

The celebration, however, might have been a bit premature.

Waterford Township Police informed Tillery on Thursday that Diggy violates a longstanding ordinance barring pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

Detroit Animal Care and Rescue (the group that originally picked up Diggy as a stray), however, classified Diggy as an American bulldog, a distinction Tillery stuck to. He registered Diggy as an American bulldog with the township, in line with one of the veterinarians at Detroit Dog Rescue.

But a photo by Detroit Dog Rescue last month identified Diggy as a pit bull/bulldog mix. Waterford police told local station WXYZ on Friday that if a vet of their choosing ID’s Diggy as a pit bull or pit bull mix, the animal has to go. If he’s a full-bred American bulldog, he’s allowed to stay.

“We just want to enforce the ordinance,” Waterford Township Police Lieutenant Todd Hasselbach said.

“I will fight for him,” Tillery vowed on Facebook Friday. “He is my family.”

In response to this sad news, dog lovers have started a petition to lift the ban on pit bulls and keep Diggy with Tillery, the form is just a few hundred signatures shy of it 55,000 signature goal.