Denver the Guilty Dog Eats Christmas Ornaments, Feels Guilty About It (VIDEO)

A holiday installment of Denver the Guilty Dog has the viral video star looking very guilty about a Christmas no-no

Denver may be grinning, but don’t trust her: It’s a facade.

You see, Denver rose to fame online as “Denver the Guilty Dog,” and she has a very specific M.O. when she’s done something bad.

Ever since her first viral video in 2011, Denver has been giving away her status as a naughty dog with tiny tail wags, a refusal to look her owner in the face and, most famously, what appears to be a big doggy grin.

That guilty expression has made Denver an online celebri-dog, and she’s since been caught committing subsequent crimes. She’s even getting a series of children’s books.

Denver has struck again, just in time for Christmas. May she never give up her life of crime.

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