The actress asks the Dog Whisperer star for assistance with her 'aggressive' English bulldog, Rosie

As a dedicated dog lover, and a veritable animal rescuer in her own right, Denise Richards could easily be called an expert on most four-legged matters. But even she knows when to call in the big guns.

“I’ve been having problems with Rosie, my English bulldog,” she told recently at the Los Angeles premiere of Friskies’ Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats. “She’s a bit dog-aggressive with the other dogs in my house, so we brought in Cesar Millan to help balance things out.”

And while the Dog Whisperer’s “pack” record spoke for itself, the actress was still stunned by the turnaround in the once-cantankerous canine’s behavior.

“It was amazing!” Richard gushes. “She went to training camp with him and she’s now home, and it’s such a remarkable difference!”

Rosie’s road to redemption may be off to a great start, but Richards admits that not all the kinks have been worked out just yet. So Millan will still help with the “smaller issues” in the weeks ahead.

But for now, the mother of two can relish watching Rosie do what she does best: slumbering away and looking adorable while doing it. “I love that her tongue is always hanging out!” Richards says. “She’s so cute, I want to squish her all the time!”

She might want to be careful with how hard she hugs her bulldog, though, because of a condition not even Millan can conquer. “Rosie has very bad gas,” Richards admits. “She could clear a room. In fact, she has!”

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