Denise Richards Adopts a New Dog – While Co-Hosting 'The View'

The actress gives a rescued terrier mix a long-awaited home

Did somebody page Dr. Doolittle?

Friends of Denise Richards, an actress and animal advocate, know her by that nickname. “I swear, if there’s a dog stranded somewhere, he finds my car, and he finds me,” Richards told last year.

One 2-year-old terrier mix in need of a home must have gotten the message. When Chocolate Chip met Richards during a taping of Friday’s episode of The View, the pooch settled into Richards’s lap and never left.

Richards was co-hosting the dog-centric episode of the show, and backstage, she met a few rescue pups from North Shore Animal League America. The first one that caught the actress’s eye was Missy, a 5-month-old bulldog-pug mix. That’s when Chocolate Chip decided to move in on Missy’s territory, snuggled up to Richards and rolled over on her back.

“Denise asked, ‘Which one of these dogs is harder to get adopted?’” North Shore’s Devera Lynn tells The answer? Chocolate Chip.

The 2-year-old “mutt-i-gree” pooch had been with a rescue group in Georgia for about a year after she had been surrendered by a family enduring financial hardship. “She’s absolutely adorable and wonderful and loving,” Lynn says. “She’s really affectionate and well-behaved, so it’s unfortunate that she couldn’t get adopted. My real reason is that she was destined to be with Denise Richards.”

Meant to be, and then some. Chocolate Chip went from being in a shelter, to a bed at the Ritz in New York, and now, to her new forever home.

“Back in LA!!!” Richards tweeted today. “Our new dog did great on the flight. Can’t wait for the others to meet her!”

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