Delta Changes Pet Policy, Wants to Know If Your Dog Can Behave Before It Can Fly

Those flying Delta with an emotional support animal will have to sign a voucher before boarding, promising their pet will behave

Looks like 2017 was a poor year for pet manners.

According to The Associated Press, the number of pet complaints Delta Airlines received in 2017 was double the number from 2016. Passenger complaints included reports of animals peeing, pooping and biting during Delta flights.

In response to the uptick in pet problems, Delta Airlines has changed its pet policy. For the safety of all aboard, the airline says it will start asking passengers flying with animals to provide more information on their pets, including a signed voucher that furry friends can behave in the friendly skies.

As of March 1, passengers flying with an animal will have to provide proof of their animal’s vaccinations or health records at least 48 hours before their scheduled flight. Additionally, travelers flying Delta with emotional support animals will need to sign a voucher before boarding the plane that states their pets can and will behave on the flight.

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As of right now, Delta isn’t asking for any records to back up this voucher — such as obedience school forms or trainer appraisals — just the owner’s word.

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