DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller

This $25 Pet Hair Remover Works Just as Well as Expensive Vacuums, According to Amazon Shoppers

“It has changed my life and saved us from the pet hair our new puppy likes to leave everywhere”
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Anyone who owns a pet knows that cleaning up after them is a never-ending job. From dirty paw prints to raided garbage bins, the chores don't stop — but nothing is quite as tedious as the endless amount of dog and cat hair that clings to nearly every surface. Luckily, the hassle doesn't have to go on forever because Amazon shoppers have highlighted one pet-hair cleaning tool that has practically changed their lives. Enter: The Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller

While the tool looks fairly simple, the results are anything but: The roller can pick up any amount of hair from your sofa, carpet, blankets, comforters, and more. All you need to do is merely roll it across your furniture and watch as it sucks up all the hair left behind by your pet. When you're done, open the waste compartment and easily dispose of it all in your garbage bin. The lint roller works manually without the use of batteries, and can be replaced with a fresh roller when needed — though you won't have to do so often, since it's made with a durable nylon and plastic mix. 

Amazon shoppers have given the tool tons of glowing reviews, calling it "surprisingly amazing" and the "best fur remover I've seen." Some have even gone so far as to compare the effectiveness of it to their vacuum cleaners. 

DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller
Credit: DELOMO

Buy It! Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller, $24.99;

"I have a Bissell pet hair remover hand vacuum and a pet upright vacuum cleaner that doesn't work at all," wrote one reviewer. "So the second that this product was delivered, I had to try it out. Holy crap! It did a perfect job, and I got my whole sectional clean of cat hair in no time. It's easy to use and is a powerful little tool."

"I just vacuumed my couch yesterday. I spent at least an hour trying to get all of the dog hair off," said another customer. "I received this yesterday (after I had finished vacuuming of course) and decided to give my couch a quick once over with this magic wand! [Even more of] the hair came out of my couch AFTER I vacuumed it!"

There's no need to splurge on expensive cleaning products to rid your home of pet hair in no time — this little tool is only $25 on Amazon