November 02, 2015 07:35 PM

Deer, baby make for best photobomb Photo by Megan Rion, of Imagine That Photography

— KIRO 7 (@KIRO7Seattle) October 28, 2015


If you wander into the forest for a photo shoot with your infant, you have to be prepared for consequences. Thankfully, deer consequences mostly involve gently nosing around in your personal space.

At least that is what photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography experienced when she photographed baby Connor at Sam Houston State Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

The autumnal shots are part of a one-month project Rion is working on, according to KIRO-TV. The shoot with Connor started like any other, until a local resident of the woods wandered by. Part way through the session, a doe walked into the shots and started sniffing around. Instead of shooing the curious animal away, Rion keep shooting. The result is a series of photos that appear to be straight out of a fairy tale. 

After checking on Connor, the deer departed the scene as quietly as it had arrived. 

Along with Rion’s amazing photos, the entire interaction was also caught on video by the baby’s mother. 

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