Deer Crashes Through Long Island Salon Window — See the Startling Video

One customer suffered head and leg pain and was taken to the hospital after the incident

Deer runs into salon in Long Island
Photo: ABC 7

Talk about a dramatic entrance.

On Saturday, employees and customers at hair salon in Long Island, New York were shocked and frightened when a deer plummeted through the window, shattering the glass and running amok through the salon.

In the video, which was captured by the salon’s surveillance system, the deer leaped right through the front display window and jumped directly over a woman who was seated on the couch.

The deer then quickly slid toward hairstylist and owner, Jenisse Heredia, and her customer, both of whom jumped out of the way as the deer ran past them, out of the camera’s view.

After Heredia could be heard yelling to another employee to close the door in the back of the salon, the deer ran back through the camera’s view and bulldozed through the glass of the front door, as Heredia moved away from the animal’s path.

“It’s okay, it’s all right,” one woman could be heard saying off-camera once the deer was out of the building.

After the incident, Heredia told the New York Times that the deer flew through the window at around 12:20 p.m. and that she initially thought it was a car smashing into the salon.

“It was huge,” she said. “I was freaking out.”

Heredia recalled to the outlet that after the animal entered the salon, it threw its antlers into the air a few times as it slid across the slippery floor and toward the break room in the back.

“I would have never imagined something like this happening before,” Heredia said.

Police told the NYT that the woman seated on the couch at the front of the salon suffered leg and head pain and was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital.

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