The animal is hit by a car in bizarre Delaware accident, and later faces gunfire

By People Staff
Updated November 18, 2009 08:59 PM

Was there a full moon in Delaware Saturday night? One innocent deer suffered through quite the ordeal, but luckily lived to tell the tale (well, if he could talk). It all started around 9 p.m., as New Castle, Del., resident Bonnie Flowers and her companion were driving along Route 9. The duo’s Oldsmobile collided with a deer, and immediately, they assumed it was under their car.

But then, Flowers saw ears peeking above the hood, and realized the deer was actually stuck in the car’s grill. “I was in tears,” she told Philadelphia’s Action News 6. “I was like, ‘We have to do something. We have to save this little guy.’ “

Flowers and her friend carefully drove to a local police station, where an SPCA worker was called. With the help of Sgt. Bernard Torre, the deer was sedated, the car’s bumper pulled down, and the animal slid out. Officers drove him to nearby Quigly Farm, where they planned to let him go once he was up on his feet. Then things got weird.

Just as the deer was starting to walk away, a white SUV pulled up nearby, and officers immediately heard a gunshot and a “whizzing sound.” Believing the shot was intended for them, officers chased the vehicle, which finally pulled over an hour later. They arrested the driver, 31-year-old New Castle resident Victor L. Bryson, on endangerment and weapons violation charges after discovering two shotguns and several rounds of ammunition in his car.

Though it ended up being quite the wild night, the deer hightailed it back into the woods, unharmed. Bet he’ll think twice next time he crosses the road!