Deep Sea Exploration Uncovers Spooky Sight of Octopus Squad Devouring Whale

The creepy but transfixing scene was captured by the E/V Nautilus ocean exploration vessel

Here’s a great Halloween costume idea for you and your friends: a hungry squad of deep sea octopi with a taste for whale flesh.

The E/V Nautilus, an ocean exploration vessel operated by the nonprofit organization Ocean Exploration Trust, recently caught a spooky sight that looks straight out of an underwater horror movie during a deep sea dive .

Nautilus explorers stumbled upon a group of bone-eating worms, cusk eels, and octopi feasting on the skeleton of a baleen whale on the ocean floor near the coast of central California.

The footage is eerily transfixing, and shows the worms and eels weaving their way through the bones of the dead whale while octopi watch on with their tentacles raised. It almost looks like these explorers uncovered an undersea cult ritual, when really it’s just footage of nature’s wild, but normal, ways.

Aspiring ocean explorers can keep track of all the freaky, fun and bizarre sights the Nautilus finds by watching the vessel’s live stream on their website.

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