Decorating Goes To The Dogs -- and Cats!

Start your own pet campaign with Obey the Purebreed! posters, notebooks and shirts.

If you’re crazy for a certain dog or cat breed, you’re familiar with the usual types of “I heart my insert-breed-name-here” décor that’s out there – most of it is at best a little precious or at worst more than a little tacky. But for those who pride ourselves on our stylish homes as much as our amazing animals, there is finally relief in sight.

Obey the Purebreed! posters, notebooks, shirts, and more are a breath of fresh air, in a dog-breath kind of way. There are 58 dog breeds represented, plus a whole lot of wacky versions of cats. Designed by Kevin McCormick (who cites Shepard Fairey as his inspiration), Obey the Purebreed! has propaganda style down pat – with tongue planted firmly in muzzle, of course.

If you ever thought you were in control of your home, German Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Boxers admonishing you to obey their commands will make you think twice. The outer sweetness of Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats belies their demands for submission. And reigning above all is Chairman Meow, insisting on your support for “the radical ideology of the feline revolution.”

Start your own campaign with 23.0” x 35.0” posters, $28, 11” x 17” mini poster prints, $12, or any number of magnets, apparel, and housewares ranging from $5.50 to $24. Viva la animal art revolution!

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