May 13, 2015 06:30 PM

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When Libby the pit bull ended up in a shelter with her littermates in 2011, she was the only one to escape being euthanized.

The lovable pup was then rescued by amazing volunteer organization Operation Pets Alive, a nonprofit working to make Montgomery County in Texas a no-kill county.

Knowing the difficulties rescue organizations face when finding homes for pit bulls, Marcia Poitter just couldn’t leave the brindle darling behind. Libby was a little different from the dogs that I normally pick for rescue. She was more exuberant and played hard. I would call her high energy,” she told the Houston Chronicle in an interview. She went on to foster Libby for three years.

Then, attorney and fellow advocate Debra Guajardo saw something in Libby that would change her life forever. She knew the pup would be great as a working dog, and she showed videos of Libby playing with a ball while sirens went off in the background to the founder of Universal K9, where shelter dogs are trained for law enforcement work.

“Another dog would have freaked out and run but she stays focused until the job is done,” according to Croft, who accepted Libby into his program.

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And now, because of the work of so many incredible individuals, Libby is becoming a narcotics detection dog! “I feel like the anal retentive, nervous mother planning the wedding for an only daughter!” Guajardo told the Huffington Post.

Follow Libby’s journey via her Facebook page, and be sure to check out Operation Pets Alive and Universal K9 for more stories of transformation and hope.

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