Miraculously, Sugar managed to land on a small patch of mulch

By Helin Jung
Updated March 23, 2012 01:00 PM

A few inches off on her landing, and Sugar would not have been so lucky.

Instead, after falling 19 stories from a high-rise apartment building in Boston, the 4-year-old white cat landed on a very small patch of mulch and grass – and lived.

After successfully walking away from the drop, Sugar, who is deaf, moved toward her building instead of running into nearby traffic. A resident on the second floor had seen something flying down outside and heard a thud, and she alerted building personnel, who circled around the skittish cat and ushered her into the lobby.

Rescuers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston arrived shortly afterward to help retrieve a cowering Sugar from under a couch in the lobby. With Sugar’s owner still unidentified, rescuers took the cat to the vet clinic to examine her. They found she had escaped with just a cut to her lip and minor bruising on her lungs.

The Animal Rescue League located Sugar’s owner, Brittney Kirk, thanks to Sugar’s microchip. Says Brian O’Connor, manager of animal rescue services, “She was amazed, relieved and grateful.”

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