February 19, 2010 04:56 PM

Darren the Anglo-Nubian farm goat likes to play it cool. While the other goats on the U.K.’s White Post Farm bleat and scream, Darren stays quiet, and simply stands up on his hind legs to wave when he wants something.

So when producers of Britain’s Got Talent called, he acted accordingly. They wanted to give 9-year-old Darren a prime spot in their upcoming live auditions, but the Nottinghamshire goat turned them down.

“I think we’re going to hold out for Strictly Come Dancing [U.K.’s version of Dancing with the Stars], see if Darren gets an offer for that,” farm marketing manager Anthony Moore jokingly tells PEOPLEPets.com. “When Britain’s Got Talent called, I assumed it was a crank call. I think they thought he was a talking goat or a dancing goat or something. We couldn’t work out why they wanted him! But no, they had seen the YouTube clip and that’s all it was.”

Darren has become a worldwide cult hero of sorts since the White Post Farm posted a video of one of his signature hoof waves online. He’s racked up hundreds of thousands of hits and even has a Facebook fan group, but Darren is going to stay loyal to his roots, entertaining the crowds that visit the farm.

Since becoming a star, Darren has inspired his twin sister Alice to try a similar maneuver with her front leg, but “she’s not quite got it,” according to Moore. Another goat named Rupert has also started to mimic Darren, though Rupert can only manage to “look like he’s flipping the bird or something.”

Darren, who stands very tall at 6’5”, is actually one of the farm owner’s pets, and has been spoiled most of his life. While the farm has been sitting under a foot of snow for the bulk of this winter, he’s been taking cover in his shed.

“Darren’s pretty fair-weather. He’s got a big shed when it drains or spits, [he goes] straight in there,” Moore says. “As soon as he sees a camera or a group of people, though, he’s straight out his shed. He braves the snow for the cameras.” Sounds like Darren’s an entertainer down to his core!

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