WATCH: Here Comes the Hotstepper! Dancing Corgi Sensation Loves Grooving to Cardi B and Khalid

Does Paul the Corgi have moves like Jagger? You be the judge

Does Paul the Antisocial Corgi have moves like Jagger? Or is he more of an Elvis, or perhaps a Travolta? He’s certainly smooth on his paws like Michael Jackson or even Justin Timberlake, but if you ask us, his fancy footwork is most reminiscent of old twinkle toes himself, Fred Astaire.

One thing is for sure: This little hotstepper may have paw-tapped onto the webpages of Internet history with this video, which was snagged off of Reddit and posted to Twitter by a fan. At last count, the tweet from May 20 has more than 119,000 likes, 47,000 retweets and 1.31 million views. Check out Paul and a human pal staging a dance-off in a N.Y.C. park:

His mom, Cynthia Yeung, tells PEOPLE that she adopted Paul, 4, one year ago. The dynamic (and color pink-obsessed) duo live in Brooklyn currently, but she found him in California. Land of stars, makes sense.

Yeung says Paul is a natural when it comes to modern dance.

“He’s always done that, he loves to play fetch with toys and balls so much that he can’t wait for you to throw it so he jumps up and down because he’s impatient!” she explains. And lest you think his routine is just a happy accident, Yeung says he’ll dance to “any music, but currently he loves dancing to Cardi B and Khalid.”

But that’s not all. This talented pup is a multi-threat.

“He’s good at all the basic obedience tricks and playing dead,” she says, “and he’s his mom’s muse when it comes to taking art photos, so he’s very good at posing.” He’s also a great sport at humoring his mom, Yeung admits.

One thing he’s not so good at is being humble. Paul think he’s “better dressed than the royal corgis.” Don’t tell the Queen, but we may just have to agree.

Yeung and Paul report that they’re heading west to California this summer, possibly to seek further fame and fortune, but mostly because there are “lots of outdoorsy activities.” Just because Paul is an influencer, doesn’t mean he’s afraid to get his paws a little dirty: This nature pup loves the smell of green grass and the feel of fresh air on his oh-so-boop-worthy nose.

Yeung tells PEOPLE that Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn is Paul’s main stomping ground and where he keeps in shape by playing fetch and running laps. Some other N.Y.C. favorite dog-friendly establishments include Outdoor Voices in SoHo “because they always play fetch with him in the store when he visits,” as well as LoveThyBeast in the East Village and Dog & Co. in Hell’s Kitchen “to shop for dog goodies.” Paul also loves SweatShop in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg for his mom’s coffee, plus “they love giving him lots of scratchies there.”

At the end of the day, Paul (“the Antisocial Corgi,” ahem) is a typical celebrity in that he enjoys his fans but from afar. Although he loves to play with humans, Paul “doesn’t like dogs, he’ll ignore them in parks and lunge if they get too close.” Sorry all you basic furry bitches, sounds like Paul’s dance card is full.

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Follow Paul on Instagram at @PaultheCorgi and challenge him to a dance-off now, before he jets off to Hollywood (Dancing with the Stars, hello!) for good.

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