July 21, 2015 05:50 PM

Warning: scrolling here will cause a major decline in your productivity at work.

Jenny Pogue’s foster cat had a litter of kittens recently, and the busy mother is accepting help from two unlikely nannies: dogs Lady and Louis.

The nurturing dalmatians from Washington state offer cuddles to the kitties for about an hour a day – and the cuteness has reached painfully high levels.

Lady, who had puppies of her own late last year, is the nanny that every mother dreams of finding: She’s like a magical Mary Poppins, but with spots.

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When one of the little felines needs a bath, Louis and Lady are happy to oblige. Thanks to them, mom even has time for her own grooming. Isn’t that what every new mother longs for?

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The babysitting sessions are brief but so blissful. “We only let the kittens interact with the dogs for about an hour a day though,” Pogue wrote on Facebook, “the rest of the time they are with their real momma.”

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