Abaju the elephant now weighs 1,560 pounds, far more than his birth weight of 175

They grow up so fast, and, if they’re elephants, large too!

The Dallas Zoo recently celebrated a special birthday. Its baby elephant Ajabu is now two years old.

In recognition of this milestone, Ajabu was treated to his own cake made up of elephant-safe ingredients.

The calf has been doing a lot of eating over the past 24 months, now weighing 1,560 pounds — far more than his birth weight of 175 pounds.

According to the zoo, now that Ajabu is two, his tusks have started to grow in. This is similar to the process babies go through during teething.

While getting older means becoming more independent, the pachyderm is still a “mama’s boy,” and will be nursing from mom Mlilo for another year.

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Aside from hanging out with mom, Ajabu loves to push logs, dig holes and chase birds.

Ya know, elephant stuff!