Saambili enjoyed eight different fruit-and-veggie cakes and a giant ice treat for her birthday

By Kelli Bender
June 27, 2019 03:24 PM
Credit: Dallas Zoo

Cake is an important treat for all growing girls, including gorilla girls.

The Dallas Zoo celebrated baby gorilla Saambili’s first birthday by giving the 18-pound primate eight different fruit-and-veggie cakes and a giant ice treat. We can only imagine how many sweets her 10th birthday will have!

Saambili, who was the first gorilla born at the zoo in 20 years, shared the tasty spread with her troop, which includes mom Hope and playmate Shanta.

According to the zoo, the “playful” primate has an “endless appetite” and an “inquisitive nature.” This innate curiosity is helping Saambili become more independent. The 1-year-old now spends less time with her mom and more time with her friends. She has also started to make gorilla vocalizations and to beat her chest.

Credit: Dallas Zoo

Without knowing it, Saambili has also helped to raise awareness about gorilla conservation too.

“She’s grown into an incredible ambassador for her critically endangered species, connecting children and adults to these majestic apes, and inspiring people to protect animals everywhere,” the zoo shared in a statement.

Visitors to the Dallas Zoo can help the facility protect wild gorillas by donating their old cellphones at the zoo.

“One of the biggest threats facing gorillas in Africa is habitat loss from mining coltan, a mineral widely used in cell phones and other electronics,” the zoo added.

To learn more about how your cell phone can help gorillas, visit the zoo’s website.