Giraffes make human babies look like such slackers.

May 01, 2018 05:27 PM

Giraffes make human babies look like such slackers.

On April 25, around 11 p.m. Dallas Zoo giraffe Chrystal gave birth to her second calf after a two-and-half hour labor, according to the zoo.

Just a few moments old, the unnamed calf — whose sex has not yet been revealed — already weighed 130 pounds and stood at 5 feet and 9 inches.

Speaking of standing, the baby giraffe was on their hooves 20 minutes after coming into the world and walking around confidently 45 minutes after their delivery. Let’s see a human infant do that.

For right now, baby and mom are getting some behind-the-scenes time to bond together, though that hasn’t stopped the other nine giraffes in the herd from using their long necks to peek into the maternity stall.

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Courtesy Dallas Zoo

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In a few weeks that mom and calf will be on public display in the zoo’s feeding yard, and over the next few months the baby giraffe will start to meet the other members of the herd.

Good luck at life, little giraffe. You’ve only been alive a few days and you have already accomplished so much.

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