"The chances of him surviving and falling out of a window were pretty slim," said the tortoise's owner, Owen Folmnsbee

By Georgia Slater
October 29, 2019 03:13 PM

While tortoises are known for being slow, that didn’t stop this Dallas family’s pet from a speedy recovery after being thrown out a window during a tornado.

The Folmnsbee family called themselves “blessed” after multiple storms and tornadoes hit North Texas on Oct. 20 and the most damage their home sustained was in their son Owen’s room, Dallas television station WFAA reported.

However, irreversible damage was almost done when the tornado caused Owen’s pet tortoise, Bolt, and the animal’s cage to be ripped off a dresser and out the 10-year-old’s bedroom window, leading the family to believe that Bolt did not survive the fall.

“I was really nervous,” Owen told the outlet. “Cause the chances of him surviving and falling out of a window were pretty slim.”

Owen received Bolt, a sulcata tortoise, as his Christmas present two years ago. Ever since the holiday, WFAA shared, the two have been inseparable.

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The tornado left Bolt’s habitat in shambles, Owen told the outlet.

“His cage was all mangled with broken glass and they thought for sure he was dead,” he said.


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The family searched below Owen’s second-floor bedroom window, only to find remnants of the cage.

However, after carefully looking through the debris and moving around the damage, Bolt was finally located.

“He was pretty traumatized for a bit,” said Owen after finding his pet, adding that Bolt did not seem “mentally” well at the time.

Following the rescue, Owen announced that Bolt is eating again and is on his way toward recovery.