"I play D # gotta be ready to go," the athlete joked on Instagram about his quick reflexes

By Ashley Boucher
June 24, 2020 07:55 PM
HaHa Clinton-Dix
HaHa Clinton-Dix/instagram

HaHa Clinton-Dix might be a Cowboy, but he recently had an encounter with some bears!

The Dallas safety, 27, shared surveillance video of his recent confrontation with what appears to be a mother black bear and her cub.

The footage shows the two bears meandering down a narrow street towards a white sedan. After a few moments, Clinton-Dix comes into view riding an electric scooter from the opposite direction. When the athlete rides up closer to the car, he sees the bears — and immediately drops the scooter to run away.

The bears appear equally frightened, and run back towards the direction they came from.

"I play D # gotta be ready to go," Clinton-Dix wrote in the caption for the video, which he shared on Instagram Tuesday, joking about his quick reflexes. "A lil high on my flip turn but the drive was there. I ain’t know how many was over there."

Several other NFL players commented on Clinton-Dix's post to poke fun at his reaction.

"Thank god mama bear wasn’t ready sheesh!" wrote New York Jets linebacker CJ Mosley.

HaHa Clinton-Dix
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs added, "Boy tried to ghost ride the scooter into em," referring to the way Clinton-Dix's scooter kept going after he jumped off.

Washington Redskins linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton also took note of the rogue scooter, writing in a comment, "Shid I hope the scooter had insurance on that mf."

Kevin Byard offered that he, too, would have been shocked to see the bears. "My soul would’ve left my body 😂😂😂" the Tennessee Titans safety commented.