Lucky Whitehead/Instagram
July 18, 2017 01:06 PM

Blitz the stolen pup is back in the arms of his dad, Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead.

Whitehead went to Instagram on Sunday to announce that Blitz was stolen from his home and was being held for ransom. Prior to this tragic post, the athlete had filled his feed with photos of the dog, whom he welcomed home in May.

According to Sports Illustrated, the person who returned the dog was Dallas-area rapper Boogotti Kasino, who posted footage of Blitz on social media along with a message demanding $20,000 for the pup’s safe return.

Whitehead paid up, though it is unclear if he paid the full ransom, and was reunited with Blitz shortly after.

The rapper who ransomed the innocent pet allegedly bought Blitz for $20,000 from whomever took the pup initially, and he was unaware that the dog was stolen. He was looking to get his money back.

Blitz’s return was a strange series of events, but what matters is that the pet is back home safe and sound.

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