Memory the dog was able to produce milk for a group of needy kittens, even though she wasn’t pregnant

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 30, 2015 11:40 PM

Memory the dog was determined to be a mom.

With no puppies of her own, the Boston terrier took in a quartet of orphaned kittens, after discovering the week-old animals out in the cold, the Huffington Post reports.

Shannon Williams, the dog’s owner, said Memory transformed into a super mom almost instantly, attempting to nurse the kittens even though she wasn’t pregnant. According to the video above, the pooch ended up producing milk.

Along with providing nutrition for the kittens, Memory also offered the babies plenty of love and protection.

“She’s been very protective from day one,” Williams said.

“She would carry them up on the couch with her. If they got up and started to walk to the edge of the couch she got up, picked them up with her mouth and laid them down with her.”

This behavior was especially surprising to Williams, who is used to her dog running away in fear from cats.

Vets say that Memory’s milk production, while shocking, isn’t unheard of: The appearance of the needy kittens most likely triggered a false pregnancy, which can lead to an animal producing milk without having babies of their own.

After several weeks of nursing from Memory, the kittens moved to solid food. Williams adopted out three of the now-healthy cats, but kept one for Memory to mother and shower with affection.

“[Memory] is still acting like a mom to the one that we kept,” Williams said. And “he still tries to nurse from her. She lets him for a minute and then starts playing with him.”

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