After losing his two dogs, this dad is overjoyed to have a new puppy to love

Big men DO cry, and they cry hard.

No matter how tough you think you are, the loss of a pet can devastate your life, leaving you a blubbering pile of tissues and heartache.

That’s what one man was going through after losing both of his beloved Bichon Frises, Nemo and Lucy. Moved by her father’s heartache, the dog dad’s daughter decided to surprise him with a new Bichon puppy.

Before introducing her dad to the baby dog, the daughter presented him with a card revealing the surprise.

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This is where you need to grab the tissues and buckle up. The dad is so moved by his child’s gesture that he can barely get through one line of text before breaking into appreciative sobs.

When new puppy Lumo finally makes his debut, surrounded by photos of the late Nemo and Lucy, dad is more tears than person … and we are, too.