The adorable video of the 1-year-old cub rolling downhill goes viral

A video of The National Zoo’s panda cub playing in the cold snow for the first time is melting hearts around the globe.

The Washington, D.C., zoo released video of Bao Bao the panda cub rolling downhill in the snow as she played with a block of wood Tuesday – and not surprisingly, the clip immediately went viral.

After her moment of bliss, Bao Bao does a backward somersault and later pounces on her mother, Mei Xiang (seriously, you have to watch this).

Though Bao Bao is 16 months old, she didn’t make her public debut until April, since baby pandas are very small and fragile.

Bao Bao turned 1 in August; she’s only the second panda born at the zoo to survive to her first birthday. Here’s hoping she has many more snowy moments to come! PHOTOS: Let It Snow: Animals Who Can’t Get Enough of the White Stuff

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