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Don't believe in cuddly aardvarks? This web site will change your mind.

We all know puppies and kittens are adorable, but it takes a special kind of internet genius to get people to “ooh” and “ahh” over infant aardvarks or baby hippos. That’s why we love, a blog that posts the latest zoo animal baby pictures from around the globe.

Chicago blogger Andrew Bleiman and artist Chris Eastland started the site last fall and say their devotees range from zoologists – who compete for photo placement – to little kids. “At any given time I have five ongoing dialogues with 6-year-olds,” Bleiman, who works as a marketer, tells PEOPLE Pets. “It’s an opportunity to educate people a little bit while entertaining.”

Bleiman’s obsession with animals started as a kid, when he and his brother Benny had a menagerie of turtles, dogs, cats, fish, crayfish and a hedgehog. All grown up, the two started blogging with, a place for what he calls the animal world’s “bizarre” news (one recent headline reads “Dracula Fish Discovered”). The site’s fan base, which reaches up to 30,000 a day, included zoo workers, who proudly sent in snapshots of newborns – and became the catalyst for

Eastland says he is torn between choosing a better quality photo and a cuter pose, but “cuteness is always the top priority.”

Since launching ZooBorns, the big crowd favorites have been the fennec fox (above), snow leopard and ocelot, and “the Pygmy hippopotamuses are just ridiculous, just huge tiny fat little babies,” says Bleiman. But, he confesses, not every wee animal makes him smile. Says Bleiman, “The baby armadillo scared me.”

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