Here's a Pile of Unreasonably Adorable Puppy Photos to Welcome You to the Weekend

Instagram sensation The Dogist has picked his favorite puppy photos from the past four years for this new book

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Elias Weiss Friedman

We've got something to make you smile!

Canine photographer/Instagram sensation @TheDogist, a.k.a. Elias Weiss Friedman, has a new book out and it is packed with his best puppy pics from years of capturing the sweet side of man's best friend.

Before you go and fetch your own copy of The Dogist Puppies, take a peek at the cuteness you can expect to find inside.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

Like his past book The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs, this terrific tome is filled with street photography shots of dogs of all sizes, shapes and breeds. The only restriction is age.

Nothing but adorable baby dogs here.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

Friedman, who's @TheDogist Insta account has more than 2.7 million followers, traveled all around the world to "research" puppies trotting across our globe.

As you can tell, it wasn't exactly stressful work.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

While Friedman has taken photos of St. Bernards in Switzerland and border collies in Ireland, he isn't just about purebred pups; there are oodles of shots of rescue puppies, too.

The photographer hopes his pictures inspire others to adopt dogs, not buy them.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

To further this goal, Friedman has the Give a Dog a Bone Program, which spotlights shelter dogs from across the country and their touching stories in an effort to find them the perfect forever homes.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

Along with adorable adoption stories, Friedman has also encountered countless inspiring rescue and assistance stories. His tail-wagging travels have introduced him to many puppies training to be assistance dogs and guide dogs.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

"I want people to love looking at the pictures and to feel the range of emotions I do when I see these pups — joy, laughter, awe — but I also want readers to understand that dogs are more than just our favorite pets. Each dog breed has a real heritage with specific characteristics that should be considered before you bring a pup into your family," Friedman says of what he hopes readers will take away from his new work.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

Friedman has certainly learned plenty through his photo shoots. He started The Dogist in 2013 as a project to help him deal with the lack of a dog in his life.

"I missed having a dog. I had Labradors and Poodles growing up and had taken many photographs of them. Moving to New York gave me canine nostalgia—I wanted to have an excuse to meet people’s dogs and see who these dogs were," the photographer says.

Since starting four years ago, Friedman hasn't stopped. Each day he photographs these furry friends, collecting their stories and sharing their smiles.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

Next up, Friedman is interested in traveling more, learning about the different ways man coexists with canines and teaming up with more rescues to help homeless dogs around the world.

"I've photographed over 25,000 dogs so far in four years, and no two dogs are the same. The story of dogs is rich and constantly changing, so my work is never complete. I look forward to photographing the next 25,000 dogs and wherever that will take me," he says.

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Elias Weiss Friedman

The Dogist Puppies is available now!

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