New iPhone game challenges you to rescue kittens from ice blocks.

By People Staff
Updated January 20, 2009 08:25 PM

Just as much of the country is trying to keep warm in bone chilling temperatures, a cute new iPhone game comes along which challenges you to rescue cuddly kitties from the winter chill.

This week Giant Crayon Games released Shivering Kittens, a quirky new iPhone game, available on iTunes for $2.99, in which players rescue adorable kittens from the ice blocks that formed around them in a tough Minnesota winter (it’s kinda like Tetris, but with meowing kitties). When a player saves a kitten by arranging falling blocks in the correct order, you hear a squeaky meow. Now, here’s a way to warm your heart in this wintry weather!

Click here for a YouTube demonstration of Shivering Kittens!