June 15, 2010 11:45 AM

They defend your home from the creepy-crawlies that scuttle across your floors and nestle into your walls. And now, just in time for Adopt-a-Cat month, Imperial Cat has introduced four adorable scratcher designs that are like an insect trophy for your fierce feline exterminator.

The new Cute As a Bug line features scratchers in the shape of a butterfly, snail, caterpillar, and ladybug – the perfect place for kitty to sharpen his nails (before his next kill!) or just lounge about.

The eco-friendly cardboard scratchers (made in the U.S. from 68 percent post consumer recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable) have a tough honeycomb texture, which is extra durable for good cats who religiously use their post. For felines who need a little more encouragement, each one (prices start at $7.95) comes with organic catnip to sprinkle on top.

But the most fun comes with choosing a shape. If insects aren’t your cat’s bait, try a piece of cheese, a banana, a race car, or a turtle – any of the company’s designs will keep you smiling and kitty scratchin’ … and have your kitties feeling like king of his domain in no time.

Click here to see where Imperial Cat products are sold in your area.

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