Sweater Hound heard you like sweaters, so they made sweaters feature your dog in a sweater
Custom Dog Wearing Sweater Sweater
Credit: Sweaterhound

First there were sweaters with dogs on them, then there were dogs in sweaters, and now, out of some welcomed dog sweater parallel universe, there are sweaters you can get covered in a giant image of your dog wearing … a sweater.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but once you see the final product it all makes sense. This adorable innovation comes from Sweater Hound, a online retailer that offers numerous ways to merge sweaters and dogs.

To get one of these Custom Dog Wearing Sweater Sweaters, as Sweater Hound calls them, all you have to do is go to the website, order one of the $98.00 sweaters, and provide a photo of your dog during the order.

Sweater Hound takes your pooch’s photo and knits the same image, plus a sweater, onto your custom sweater, which you can order in a variety of colors.

If your dog doesn’t seem like the sweater-wearing type, Sweater Hound can also make you a custom sweater featuring your dog wearing a cape, a bow tie, or a scarf — they can also make sweaters featuring cats and other pets too.