Patricia Couture can cover a long-sleeved pajama set with pictures of your dog's face for $149.00

By Kelli Bender
February 22, 2018 02:50 PM
Credit: Patricia's Couture

Pet owners’ devotion to their furry friends knows no bounds, so why aren’t we incorporating our pet’s likeness into our wardrobe more often?

Patricia Couture is here to solve that problem with custom PJs. Like the matching pajamas you can get with your canine, this sleepwear is perfect for the pet obsessed.

The company allows you to send in a picture of your pet (doesn’t even have to be a dog!), which they will render onto — over and over again— a long-sleeve pajama set.

This nighttime tribute to your fur baby will cost you $149.00, but it will also give you a unique way to show just how much your pet means to you. A great gift idea, perhaps, for those who are forced to travel and spend nights away from their pets, but still want to keep them close.

If you aren’t ready for the big league of custom pajamas quite yet, there are other customizable clothing options.

PupSocks allows you to plaster your pet’s face all over pairs of snazzy socks for $29.99. Don’t worry, you can also get these foot covers covered in shots of your cat or “bae” too.

Credit: Pup Socks

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Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, and start wearing your pets all over.