May 22, 2015 07:30 PM

Would the owner of this curious peacock please step forward?

The Scottish SPCA would like to a have a word with you about the bird’s recent behavior.

According to a press release from the rescue group, the feathered creature tried to squeeze his way through a cat flap at a residence in Aberdeen, Scotland, on Monday. The peacock – who has since been named Felix – is now in the care of their animal rescue team in Drumoak.

Thankfully, the peacock is a peaceful chap, and staff from the Scottish SPCA were able scoop him up without much fuss.

“Felix was pecking at the windows of the house, and then tried to put his head through the cat flap,” said rescue officer Helen Bissett. “I was able to catch Felix without any trouble.”

It’s unclear how the peacock, who has some feathers missing from his head – possibly from a fight with another bird – ended up at the home. “It’s possible he has strayed from home or he may have been abandoned,” Bissett said. “We’re sure he does have an owner though as people do keep peacocks as pets.”

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The bird will be taken care of by the Scottish SPCA until his owner is found. “If no one comes forward for this cheeky boy, we’ll find him a suitable new home,” she said.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact the Scottish SPCA.

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