Curious Cat Saved After Spending 24 Hours Inside Wall

Gizmo "is absolutely fine but hungry" after being freed from a wall cavity

The cat’s cries from inside the wall must have sounded something like, “Get MEOW-tta here!”

A 1-year-old cat named Gizmo went missing while work was being done to his home and firefighters were eventually called on to free the feline who was stuck inside a wall, according to the Birmingham Mail.

“When we got there, we could hear Gizmo but couldn’t find him,” said crew commander Darran Gough from the West Midlands Fire Service, whose team was called after the cat had been missing for 24 hours. “Initially the meow-ing was coming from a roof cavity in the living room. The owners were having building work done so there were a lot of open cavities which he had gone into from the garden.”

The video above shows how the firefighters helped the cat escape through the ceiling, a rescue mission that took two and a half hours to complete.

“We heard him scratching around,” Gough said. “We pulled a light fitting out and he poked his nose out. We then had to make the hole bigger and he climbed out onto the shoulder of one of my crew.”

Gizmo is said to be “absolutely fine but hungry” in the days after the rescue, the Birmingham Mail reported.

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