Curious Cat Assists Pennsylvania Police Officer in Capture of Fugitive

The feline helped nab a man on the run in Lancaster County last week

cat finds criminal
Photo: Ephrata Police Department/Facebook

A cat from Pennsylvania deserves a Christmas bonus this year for a job well done, after it helped catch a fugitive last Monday in Lancaster County.

It happened when police there were searching for Jonathan Michael Steffy, 23, of Ephrata, according to a Facebook post shared by the department, which starts with the words: “File this under ‘You can’t make this up.'”

When police determined the fugitive’s general whereabouts — in the backyard of a residence on Duke street — a local cat watching the scene unfold stepped in to seal the deal.

“One officer noticed a black cat in a backyard. It was crouched and watching something intently in the vicinity of a shed,” reads the Facebook post. “The officer checked the shed, but found nothing. He again saw the cat and noted that it was looking past him toward another shed. The officer then located Steffy at this second shed and took him into custody without further incident.”

Steffy was arrested on an outstanding Lancaster County bench warrant, and the department wanted to thank the kitty for lending a paw.

“The Ephrata PD is thankful for any crime fighting assistance we get,” the post said, “whether human or feline!”

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