Geisha pug and mink poodle purses will melt every princess’s heart

By Helin Jung
Updated January 04, 2010 12:45 PM

It takes a lot for a sophisticated fashionista to turn her head. And we can guarantee that all the leashes, potty patches and cat beds outside our office doors have rarely garnered a glance from our neighbors down the hall at – there’s just no way we can compete with high-end celebrity fashion.

So you can imagine our surprise when a StyleWatch mate stopped in her tracks and gasped at the sight of glittery, winged Stella the Pug, the flagship product from Fuzzy Nation, a company that makes tiny purses, ostensibly for tweens. Purses in the likenesses of Shar Peis, Chinese Cresteds, and yes, pugs. Pooches as handbags: Why didn’t we think of that?

Fuzzy Nation’s two pooch purse lines – the OMG! Collection, and Plushious Bags – are less about function and utility than they are about having something over-the-top precious to tote around in the crook of your arm. They make unique gifts, have got fantastic packaging, and they’re certainly worthy of any princess, whether she’s 6 years old or 60. Fuzzy Nation carries lots of other goodies, like earmuffs with little pug heads on either end, customizeable bags (who doesn’t want a picture of their own little Fluffy over their arm?), jewelry, plush toys, and – why not? They’ve got winestoppers, too.

The products aren’t cheap (items range from $22-$180), but the payback in coos and smiles is worth it. Plus, if you order directly from Fuzzy Nation, you get a free gift for purchases over $50. Can’t complain about that!