March 09, 2018 01:42 PM

Show dogs have a reputation for being fancy and above it all, and the Papillon in the above video — fresh from the scene of the U.K.’s Crufts Dog Show 2018 — is not going to win any awards for smashing that stereotype.

In the Official Crufts clip from Thursday, the 4-year-old petite pup named Tinklebury Bingo (Tinks, for short!) and its handler, Melinda Savva, set out on the agility course. Unfortunately, Tinks has other plans. Or, perhaps, no plans at all.

We’re not sure if the little dog is experiencing stage fright or just a case of obstinacy, but either way, Tinks nixes the first obstacle.

After much hemming and hawing from the dog and (we’re assuming) exasperation from Savva, another handler comes out onto the course, picks up Tinks and pretty much tosses the pooch over the jump.

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Better luck next year, Tinks!


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