March 27, 2018 02:49 PM

It’s the classic fox story. No, not the endearing Fox & Hound type tale, more of the Swiper storyline from Dora the Explorer.

According to Mashable, Reddit user tootsaysthetrain uploaded a gif to a subreddit for funny content.

The long gif, which contains expletives and is reportedly composed of Snapchats taken by the poster, shows a man encountering a stunning fox in the alley of an undisclosed location.

In the clip, the man sets down his belongings, including his wallet, on the ground to beckon and film the fox. The fox approaches, and appears interested in getting to know the human, but this was just an act. As soon as the animal is close enough, he grabs the man’s wallet and runs.

The rest of the gif, which now has over 52,000 points on Reddit, shows the man chasing after the clever fox with no resolution in sight.

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A follow-up photo, posted on Imgur on Tuesday, shows the man standing beside his wallet. It appears the fox, finding the black square inedible, spat it out, leaving it behind on the grass for the owner to find later.


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