August 23, 2014 09:00 PM

Sean almost didn’t make it.

After the koala was hit by a car in Melbourne, Australia, a wildlife professional and a team of firefighters performed CPR and heart massage that saved the little animal’s life.

According to The Herald Sun, rescuer Michelle Thomas had never done CPR on a koala before, only a dog.

“With dogs you have to shut their mouths and breathe into their nostrils,” she said. “I opened his mouth to see if I could feel or hear a breath, because I couldn’t see the rise and fall of his chest. And then I gave him mouth-to-mouth, or mouth-to-nostril.”

Thomas told The Herald Sun that Sean – who is named for a firefighter that helped save him – could have been hit by the car up to 24 hours before his rescue. He was placed in a tree by a passerby, who later called Wildlife Victoria to get help to the injured animal.

According to the report, 12 members of the Langwarrin Fire Brigade helped bring Sean back to life, in a harrowing scene that was captured on video.

It’s still unclear whether Sean is fully recovered – Thomas will soon take the animal to a vet for blood work – but he seems to be enjoying lots of R&R at her Animalia Wildlife Shelter in the meantime.

“He’s eating. He’s doing well,” she said. “He’s one very lucky koala.”

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