The pocket-like beds let dogs stay safely tucked away

By People Staff
December 16, 2009 12:45 PM

Nothing feels better than curling up under the covers on a cold winter night. And our dogs deserve that same cozy, comfy feeling! Theresa Bunnag’s pet burrow beds – pillow-stuffed sleeping bags for dogs – provide just that, with cushy bottoms and ultra-soft covers that envelop animals in warmth.

Inspired by her miniature dachshund Kali, who enjoys riding in the car, Bunnag wanted to create a pillow/blanket combo that would move easily from a vehicle into the home. So after sketching a few ideas, she created a prototype, and Kali “loved it,” Bunnag tells “As she used it more, I continued to make adjustments.”

The bed consists of four parts: a zippered bottom that holds a pillow, a soft piece for the dog to lie on, and two top pieces of fabric sewn together to create a blanket.

Thinking other dogs might want a burrow bed, Bunnag began selling them on eBay, and the business took off. Now, she holds down a full-time job during the day, and comes home at night to sew. “They’ve really gone crazy,” she tells “It went from being a hobby to a part-time business.”

Available in extra-small and up to extra-large ($25-$75), the machine-washable beds come in round, square, oval and rectangular shapes. Fabrics include funky animal prints and charming paw prints in a variety of bright colors. Have more than one pup? Bunnag also makes open-ended beds that fit two pooches!

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