CoyoteVest Is the Punk Rock Product that Keeps Your Pet Stylish and Safe From Predators

Coyote vests are colorful, spiky Kevlar outfits that are designed to prevent surprise coyote attacks

Dogs wearing spiky, neon jackets with mohawks are taking over Twitter. These pooches aren’t just making a fashion statement; they are staying safe from predators in style.

CoyoteVest is a product created to protect smaller dogs and outdoor cats from coyote, birds of prey and aggressive dog attacks.

According to the company’s website, Paul and Pam Mott started the company after a coyote grabbed and killed their dog Buffy.

The vest the couple created is designed to “slow down or prevent a surprise attack and give you enough time to react before serious injury occurs.” To achieve this, the vest is made out of stab-resistant Kevlar that the company says can also withstand sharp canine teeth. On top of the Kevlar surrounding the vest’s neck and back are removable spikes which discourage predators from biting your pet in their most vulnerable areas. CoyoteVest may also be equipped with colorful, tall, and light-up accessories that may distract predators and cause them to hesitate before attacking your animal.

Courtesy Coyote Vest

CoyoteVest says all of their vests and accessories are designed to be light and comfortable for your pet.

The product provides owners with peace of mind and adorable Twitter photos.

The American Kennel Club recommends CoyoteVest as a form of protection against the predators, and also advises that dog owners who live in coyote-heavy areas can also protect their pets by supervising their pets outdoor outings, lighting up their yards at night and removing all dog poop from their properties.

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