The animal was safely removed from the bathroom and later released in a wooded area

By Kelli Bender
January 16, 2019 02:38 PM
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department/Twitter

Sometimes you just need to take a selfie, and when you don’t have a smartphone, looking at your reflection is the next best thing.

According to WSMV, a Nashville coyote did just that. The sly creature slipped into Nashville’s Music City Center and ended up in one of the building’s bathrooms, gazing in the mirror.

The coyote was able to get into the convention center by slinking past a security checkpoint set up near where a boat show was loading into the center on Sunday night, reports The Tennessean. From there, the wily animal found its way into one of the center’s exhibit halls, where it was spotted by employees and corralled into a nearby bathroom.

The center’s staff called the Metro Nashville Police Department and Metro Animal Control to safely wrangle the coyote. It took animal control about 30 minutes to secure the critter with a catch pole and take it into custody.

The Metro Nashville Police Department reported on Twitter that the coyote was scared after the incident, but unharmed. No humans were injured during the encounter. After being taken to a patrol car, the coyote was driven to a wooded area and released back into the wild.

“I definitely don’t see this as something going away. I think with the buildup of Nashville, and how quickly construction is happening, we’re just taking away their habitat, so they do have to go somewhere,” Metro Animal Control Director Lauren Blackstone told WSMV about why she thinks this coyote ended up at the center.