"Terrible day to wear a red dress," said Kerri Summey, who caught the whole incident on video

By Claudia Harmata
August 07, 2019 11:16 AM

On Friday, Colorado Springs, Colorado, was kicking off their Ride for the Brand Ranch Rodeo with a longhorn cattle drive parade — however, one of their special guests decided to go rogue.

A 16-year-old longhorn called Theme De Loof, broke free from the parade and charged across the street into a crowd of onlookers, according to NBC affiliate KOAA.

She ended up inside the lobby of a Great Western Bank before a cowboy chased her down on his horse, roping her in and bringing her back outside The entire incident was caught on video by Kerri Summey, who was inside the Great Western Bank when Theme De Loof made her entrance.

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“Terrible day to wear a red dress,” Summey told KOAA. “So, I just ran inside the building to try and be safe. And then, some other people were running in, so the bull came in right behind them.”

“As I was trying to run out, luckily a cowboy came in and wrangled it,” she added.

The cowboy who saved the day, Stephen Heitmann, said he had been roping cattle since he “learned to walk.”

“Moving cattle is a lot like moving water. When you hold water up in one spot, water tends to try to find the easiest way out,” Heitmann, a horse trainer, told the outlet. “We ran in there, got a loop put on her and you know, just handled it like any other day.”

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Theme De Loof’s owner said this was out of character for her, explaining that the cow must have been spooked being in a city and surrounded by so many people.

“These are cows. I mean, they’re ranch cows. This is a nice cow. She’s not wild or crazy, but in town, she panics,” Russell Freeman said. “And just like the people screaming, when they saw a cow, she was out of element.”

“That’s the same thing she was doing,” he added. “She was just screaming and nervous.”

Freeman also confirmed that there were no injuries from the incident, and that he is grateful for the outcome.

“To have that much activity involved in the public and not break any glass and not get anybody hurt… God watched out for us and nobody got hurt today, so that was very good,” he told the outlet.