Don't Have a Cow!: Philly Cow Breaks Out of Live Nativity Scene Twice in One Morning

Stormy was found on Interstate 95 and in a parking garage near Old City in Philadelphia

A holy cow caused some unusual traffic snarls in Philadelphia Thursday morning.

Stormy, a Philly native with four hooves, was one of the animals selected to serve in a live nativity scene at Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in the Old City neighborhood.

Unfortunately, Stormy wasn’t too captivated with the birth of baby Jesus and escaped the set up not once, but twice, in just a few hours, reports NBC 10.

First, the 1,600-lb. farm animal found her way onto Interstate 95 around 2:30 a.m., causing delays for drivers. Seven-year-old Stormy was spotted on the busy road by a state trooper with ranch experience. The trooper, who cares for several cows of his own, was able to safely corral Stormy and bring her back manger-side at the church, though Philadelphia police told PEOPLE there was some “madcap antics” suitable for the “Benny Hill Theme” before the rescue was through.

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Just four hours after this wild bovine chase, Stormy escaped again, this time scampering off to a nearby parking garage. Called in on a cow escape for the second time in one day, the Philadelphia Police Department realized the ridiculousness of the situation.

Once again, Stormy was safely rounded up, this time being led back to the nativity scene with hay. Those who put together the Christmas tradition at the church each year were surprised by Stormy’s antic. The cow has been part of the live nativity scene before and is comfortable being around people, including children. The Rev. Michael Caine of the church believes someone might have tampered with the enclosure before the initial escape.

If you want to see this literal “break out” star for yourself, you can visit the church through Dec. 27. Animal lovers can also volunteer to feed and look after the furry players who take part in the live nativity scene.

For now, Stormy is giving her jailbreaks a rest. She was last reported back at the scene happily enjoying a meal.

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