WATCH: Runaway Bull on the Loose in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

The bull is currently being corralled by the New York Police Department

Where’s the beef?

That is likely what a New York City slaughterhouse is asking itself right now.

According to ABC 7, a runaway bull, sporting tags common to those used in slaughterhouses, was loose in Brooklyn’s popular (and large) Prospect Park for a good chunk of the afternoon.

Police and dozens of farm animal enthusiasts were on the scene. The New York Police Department was able to surround the cow on one of the park’s soccer fields, where they safely corralled the animal into an emergency vehicle.

Those who watched the chase unfold in real time are kept other animal lovers updated via social media, with a flurry of Tweets and jokes.

And because this is the modern age, the steer, originally identified as a cow, already has its own Twitter account.

This is not the first time a creature on four hooves has decided to flee the Big Apple. Frank the bull escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens and was ultimately rescued by Jon Stewart, who gave the steer a forever home at his farm.

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