The Rosses received a call that their cat was alive three weeks after the couple thought they had cremated their pet

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 10, 2015 11:40 PM

Zombie cat has been one-upped. Amigo the kitty not only returned from the dead, he came back to life after being cremated … or at least that’s what his owners thought at first.

According to Metro, John and Margaret Ross’s cat named Amigo recently went missing from the couple’s home in Hackney, England. Shortly after the pet’s disappearance, a cat was run over and killed in the neighborhood. The Rosses were heartbroken to discover the deceased feline looked just like their sweet Amigo.

“It was exactly the same cat as ours, same color, same everything. It had been badly injured and was definitely dead,” John Ross, 73, told Metro. “We picked him up and took him home. We were absolutely devastated. We said, ‘This is our cat, he has been killed, can we have him cremated?’ ”

Certain the departed kitty was Amigo, the owners took the animal’s body to their veterinarian to have him cremated.

“We didn’t check the microchip. We thought there was no point checking the chip of our dead cat,” John said.

Turns out, Amigo was very much alive. Three weeks after the cremation, the Rosses received a miraculous phone call saying their cat had been found walking the streets.

Amigo has now been reunited with his mourning owners, who are now unsure whose cat they cremated.

“We never suspected it might be somebody else’s cat – if it had been an ordinary moggy then maybe, but Maine Coons are really quite rare,” Margaret, 73, said.

“It had been a messy accident, but it had the same white paws and white fluff as ours.”

The crematorium that handled the feline the Rosses brought in said they will spread the cat’s ashes in their gardens.