September 07, 2016 12:45 PM

It’s traditional to get your spouse something silver for your 25th wedding anniversary together, but the Stoneys ended up going a more unorthodox and furrier route.

The couple from Platteville, Wisconsin, were celebrating a quarter century together at the Big H campground when they spied something unusual, reports KTRK.

“We were sitting by our cabin outside and this little dog came in,” said Rhonda Stoney. “This little beagle came in from the Mississippi River. She was very wet and hungry.”

The surprise guest was immediately invited in by the Stoneys, who dried the dog off and offered her shelter and food.

Since she struggled out of the river and into camp, the beagle most likely fell off someone’s boat or was swept away from her family by the water.

The Stoneys are hoping news stories about the pooch will help them reunite the pet with her owner. Until they find the dog’s original family, the couple is doing their best to care for the new addition, who they are calling Annie in honor of their wedding anniversary run-in.

A local veterinarian checked on Annie shortly after the Stoneys found her. Overall the beagle is in good health, but the vet determined the dog is deaf. The doctor couldn’t conclude if the hearing loss happened as a result of Annie’s trip down the river, or if the dog was deaf before the incident.

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