Country Singer David Nail Didn't Need a Dog – Until He Got One

The "Red Light" crooner couldn't keep his wife from bringing home a new pet

Country singer David Nail was confident he didn’t need a dog, but his wife Catherine had other plans.

He had long resisted every one of his persistent wife’s advances, but on a whim last year, Nail told Catherine – knowing all about her shopping habit –that if she could save enough money, she could get a dog.

Nail didn’t believe it would ever happen. Then, “a few weeks later, I was in Chicago, and got a text message with a picture of a check,” he tells “And I knew then I was coming home to a dog.”

These days, Nail’s 1-year-old goldendoodle Charlie “is the love of my life” – despite the fact that “she has eaten almost every decent pair of shoes I have.”

Check out our video to find out more about David Nail and his new love Charlie!

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