The app is a casino slot machine type game that features our favorite short-legged dogs twerking and farting hearts

By Saryn Chorney
April 05, 2016 06:25 PM

Are you so over playing Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood app
? Tired of wasting all your precious time on Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s game?

Of course you are. Besides, if you’re here reading PEOPLE Pets, we have a hunch that you might be a dog person. And who on the internet (or IRL for that matter )
obsessed with corgis? Queen Elizabeth is
, duh. So are Kendra Wilkinson
, Kirstie Alley,
and The Band Perry
, to name just a few stars.

Well, corgi connoisseurs, have we got some gaming news for you. “Lucky Corgi” is a new app created by Blue Crystal Labs
that appeals to dog lovers and Las Vegas lounge lizards alike. The game, “Queen’s Corgis,” is a casino slot machine type game that features twerking corgis. Yes, you read that right: TWERKING CORGIS. Need we say more?



As dog app loyalists to Doge2048 (starring that other internet-popular breed, Shiba Inus), we have to admit these Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh corgi pups wearing crowns and popping heart bubbles out of their butts are seriously addictive … though luckily not quite as 12-step inducing as a blacked-out weekend spent in Vegas.



Even Kendall and her BFF Hailey Baldwin can’t resist a corgi pup:




We know the globetrotting supermodels are too busy to properly care for one of these cuties, so we recommend adopting “Lucky Corgi” for their

—and your —
iPhone, Windows and Google Play

or through Amazon
now. Fetch, girls, fetch!